Governments around the world are implementing strict quarantine measures to ensure we avoid unnecessary interaction and slow down the spread of the coronavirus. However, we still have to go out - be it because our work leaves us no choice, or simply because we need to go to the corner store or pharmacy.

And this is why sterilising our clothes is as important as washing our hands or coughing in our elbow. If you neglect disinfecting your clothes, you could be bringing germs and bacteria into your home, and risking to contaminate your personal environment.

And it's not just our clothes. Other accessories such as purses, backpacks, or even groceries bags, can pick up germs and bring them back into our homes.

A single contaminated piece is enough to contaminate our personal space. Viruses spread easily, only needing a mere physical contact. A shirt's sleeve on your table, sitting on your couch, laying on your bed, or simply putting grocery bags on the kitchen counter.

Why take chances when you can simply sterilise and have peace of mind?


There really are only 2 ways to kill viruses and bacteria from your clothes: washing (machine or by hand) and steaming. 

While washing can be a good option for occasional use, it might not be suited for frequent use. Not only does it take a lot of time, consume a lot of water and electricity, but it is also very impractical.

Steaming is a great alternative as it allows you to:

  • Quickly sterilise all clothes and accessories as soon as you come home
  • Efficiently clean any type of fabric, including pieces that cannot be washed or ironed (sofa, mattress, chair)
  • Save on water and electricity consumption
  • Spend only a couple of minutes disinfecting every day

The easiest way to steam your clothes is to use a clothes steamer. This type of device is normally used to remove wrinkles and quickly straighten clothes. However, some clothes steamers produce a hot enough steam that also sterilises fabric.


The SteamSmart S200 Pro

by WiredLux

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This portable clothes steamer is the ideal device to keep a hygienic home. 

You can use it to sterilise your clothes in a few seconds, including your most delicate items.

You can also carry it around the house to steam your mattress, bed sheets, curtains, and upholstery.

Key features:
  • Quick 25 seconds heat up
  • Easy to operate
  • 140ÂșC steam to kill 99,9% of germs
  • Weighs only 0.6 kg