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This little steamer has quickly become my best friend. It's the ideal device to complete your wardrobe. The water heats up fast and it is powerful enough to remove all creases from my clothes quickly and without much effort. It is also light and small, which is good as I can take it with me in my suitcase to remove wrinkles from my clothes after I take them out of my suitcase.Last important note: it can be used vertically and horizontally (on a bed or table for example). I'm completely satisfied!

- Lea C. on Amazon.fr

28 August 2019

(Translated from French)

"Great customer service and product"

It's ideal to iron my shirt before leaving in the morning and have that sharp look. It's great that you can do it so easily and you don't need an ironing table. You can use it vertically against a wall or flat on your bed or table.

It's very small and compact, and also very light but it's still powerful.You can see for yourself by watching my homemade video!

- Marco on Amazon.co.uk

10 December 2018


Okay, I hate ironing. I'm one of those people always wearing wrinkled shirts. But I have to say - this clothes steamer works wonders!! Before I put on a shirt, I simply have to "steam" it for 2-3 minutes and this thing will get 95% of the wrinkles off. It's cool, try it! I attached a few pictures so you can see how well this steamer gets the job done.

- Alex on Amazon.co.uk

29 November 2018

"I would highly recommend this product"

I'm very happy with this product it was delivered on time & I know it for when I travel but as you can see from the pictures I used it on my new polyester curtains as you can see the before & after that it works very well & is easy to hold.

- Angie on Amazon.co.uk
18 February 2019


The product description said this steamer heats up and is ready to use in 25 seconds, and I was quite skeptical... But I tried and it is true, so I was nicely surprised and even impressed by how much power is packed into this device.

All in all it takes about 3-4 minutes total to iron a t-shirt or polo shirt. I regret not getting one before! Very easy and convenient to use on a daily basis, and great to take with me on trips.

- Adrien on Amazon.fr

16 August 2019

(Translated from French)


This steamer is amazing. It does what is says on the tin and then some. Takes seconds to heat up, no fuss, no complicated instructions, just fill it up and your ready to go.

The creases come out with ease and leaves your clothes wrinkle free in no time. You have about 10 minutes steaming time until it runs out, but thats enough time to do a whole outfit effortlessly. It is compact, and small enough to put in your suitcase for travel. It is definitely a must when going on holidays, and using generally every day.

I no longer use my iron as there is no need, this does it all. I absolutely love this steamer, wish I'd brought one years ago.

- Lomika on Amazon.co.uk
14 January 2019

"5 Stars, highly recommend"

I've been looking for a small steamer for a while, as an alternative to my iron. I finally decided to go for wiredLux. The least I can say is that it was money well spent. This steamer is excellent to remove wrinkles (even deep ones) on dress shirts, pants, and jackets. I was really impressed when I used it for the first time.

The water tank does not last very long (around 8-10 minutes) but it's good enough to steam a couple of clothes. I recommended it to a friend who travels a lot and he finds it amazing too. 5 star product!

- Henry on Amazon.fr
7 August 2019

(Translated from French)


This small steamer is very efficient to remove wrinkles on t-shirts/shirts in a few minutes, and it is convenient to bring when travelling.

The design is elegant and the packaging is great if it's a gift. Very happy about my purchase!

- JD on Amazon.fr

13 December 2019

(Translated from French)

"Save time and effort!"

Fab product. I have been looking for a steamer for a while as I absolutely hate ironing. This ticks all the boxes. I can give my clothes a quick freshen up either hanging up or lying flat, without having to get out the ironing board.

Quick, effective, lightweight and stylish, I highly recommend this product.

- Eleanor on Amazon.com.au

10 December 2019

"PERFEct for home or travel"

Arrived within days. Good instructions and amazingly simple to use. Took it on holidays and it was perfect for freshning up my outfits each day/night. Really fast to heat up, light weight and I could stream horizontal and vertical. Enough steam for 2/3 outfits.

Came with travel bag and bonus foldable hanger. Just perfect for what I was after. Highly recommend.

- Nikki on Amazon.com.au

20 January 2020