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SteamSmart™ S200 Pro UK BLACK

SteamSmart™ S200 Pro

Jet Black / British Plug


With cutting edge technology and an elegant design, the SteamSmart™ S200 Pro is an ultra-portable steamer allowing you to easily de-wrinkle and refresh any outfit to obtain a clean, tidy look.

Designed by our team of engineers in the UK, this steamer is made of high quality materials and is equipped with the latest innovation to offer you an easy and hassle-free experience.

Get yours today and look your best everywhere you go!

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De-wrinkle your clothes quickly and without hassle, at home or on the go, and look your best everywhere you go. Whether you're travelling, in a morning rush, or cannot be bothered to take the iron out, you will never walk out with a wrinkle on your outfit again.


The SteamSmart S200 Pro uses the most advanced water pumping and steaming technology and can be used at a 360º angle, meaning that you can iron flat and steam vertically depending on your needs, even upside down! It is 100% leak-proof and leaves no wet trail on your clothes.


The compact and lightweight design makes our steamer an indispensable travel companion that will easily fit in your carry-on suitcase when travelling. It is comparable in size to your average 0.5L bottle and weighs a mere 0.6 kg. A clear winner for keeping a fresh and tidy look during your holidays and business trips. No ironing board needed.


The water heats up in under 25 seconds. Simply fill up with water, plug, and steam!

The SteamSmart S200 Pro produces concentrated, powerful dry steam up to 1.5 times hotter to remove wrinkles 5x faster than conventional steamers for up to 10 min of continuous use. No one wants to spend more time ironing anyway, right?


The new 5-hole nozzle design allows for a better steam penetration to remove even the most stubborn of creases on a wide variety of fabric. The steamer is safe to use on all fabric, including the most delicate and un-ironable clothes such as silk, linen, tulle, embroidery, and lace.


The SteamSmart S200 Pro by Wiredlux offers premium quality and an elegant design. It is made of high quality plastic for increased reliability, safety, and durability - instead of cheap and light materials that are likely to break down. Engineered and designed in the UK, the device is currently assembled in our state-of-the-art production facility. All our steamers are tested to ensure only high quality products come out of our production line.


CoolTouch Tech™ ensures the handle does not heat up to prevent any unpleasant use or even injury. The device is also fitted with a dual active nano-polymer filter to protect your clothes against water impurities, and prolong the life of your device by minimizing calcification.

CE & GSE tested and approved product.

  • 100% Leak-Free

  • 25s Fast Heat Up

  • 10 min of Steam

  • Compact Size

  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Flat & Vertical

  • Travel Friendly

  • Safety Certified


  • Look professional on business trips
  • Supplement ironing on family holidays
  • Steam delicate fabric and impossible to iron pieces
  • Look tidy when you are too lazy to set up the ironing board 
  • Quickly refresh your outfit when you have no time to iron
  • Look elegant even if you don't own a full iron and board
  • Deodorize clothes
  • Disinfect and clean mattress, curtains, plush toys, towels etc.
  • Refresh upholstery




Top rated by our customers

4.8/5 average star rating

Over 1000 combined reviews on Amazon

Amazon's choice for "travel clothes steamer"

Perfect Travel Size

"Perfect Travel Size"

Love the compact design. Just big enough. Means I can pack my silk tops/shirts when I travel and not worry about getting the creases out. Works well on all fabrics.

- Annette on Amazon.co.au

14 January 2020

Cute. Compact.

"Cute. Compact."

Really compact steamer. Does the job. Cute little travel hanger with it and a nice carry pouch. Really love the attention to detail. Would recommend. 

- DV on Amazon.co.uk

14 January 2020

Love the one hand ironing!

"Love the one hand ironing!"

Okay, I hate ironing. I'm one of those people always wearing wrinkled shirts. But I have to say - this clothes steamer works wonders!! Before I put on a shirt, I simply have to "steam" it for 2-3 minutes and this thing will get 95% of the wrinkles off. It's cool, try it! I attached a few pictures so you can see how well this steamer gets the job done.

- Amazon Customer on Amazon.co.uk

29 November 2018

Simply fantastic [VIDEO]

"Simply fantastic"

This little steamer has quickly become my best friend. It's the ideal device to complete your wardrobe. The water heats up fast and it is powerful enough to remove all creases from my clothes quickly and without much effort. It is also light and small, which is good as I can take it with me in my suitcase to remove wrinkles from my clothes after I take them out of my suitcase.

Last important note: it can be used vertically and horizontally (on a bed or table for example). I'm completely satisfied!

- Lea C. on Amazon.fr

28 August 2019

(Translated from French)

Happy about this purchase!

 "Happy about this purchase! "

Highly recommend for anyone who needs a good portable steamer to get rid of creases quickly. I mainly use it to make my tops look better after I take them out of my wardrobe, and when I travel. I also used it once on a pair of pants and it worked great.

- Juan on Amazon.co.uk

29 July 2019

Pretty good alternative to hotel irons

"Pretty good alternative to hotel irons"

I travel for work and this lives in my suitcase. It does the job well enough, it's not going to give you a perfectly pressed shirt but it if you're in a hotel which doesn't keep irons in each room or one which seemingly allows guests to make toasties on the irons (this is the only explanation I can come up with the blackened irons in some hotels) then this is definitely a better option than trawling the hotel for (a better) one. Only had an issue once where steam wasn't coming out but emptying the reservoir and refilling solved the issue so it's possible I didn't have it in properly. All in all I'd recommend.

- Alex on Amazon.co.uk

4 January 2020

Great travel steamer for business trips.

"Great travel steamer for business trips."

My wife got me this travelling iron as a gift. Although I was pretty skeptical at the beginning, it has now become my favourite travel accessory.I don't have to worry about wrinkled shirts after I get out of the plane, or run around a city I don't know to find an express laundry and iron service.This travel iron does a great job at eliminating 90% of the wrinkles and that's good enough for me. It's very light and compact and can fit in my carry-on no problem. The foldable hanger included in the box is a great addition. I recommend for all business travellers.

- BJ Duffy on Amazon.co.uk

11 December 2018

  • 220-240V - 50Hz

  • British Plug

  • 900W

  • Travel adaptor friendly

  • 19 x 8.5 x 6.5 cm

  • 0.6 Kg

  • 100 ml

  • 1,9 m cable


x1 SmartSteam S200 Pro Jet Black with British Plug

x1 Fabric Brush Accessory

x1 Storage/Carry Bag

x1 Foldable Travel Hanger

x1 User Manual - Link to video guide


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love it or return it. We offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee starting on delivery date.

Every new S200 Pro comes with our industry's best warranty - Steam Care. Once your steamer is registered, we provide each original retail purchaser a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 2 Years.

This warranty does not cover:

- Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect

- Improper follow-up of user manual

- Filling the device with anything but water

- Malfunction caused by improper power outlet voltage

SteamSmart™ S200 Pro

Jet Black / British Plug

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • FREE Express Shipping

  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • 24H Customer Support

  • Shipped and delivery by Amazon Prime