Best UK Clothes Steamers of 2020

Best UK Clothes Steamers of 2020

Are you feeling too lazy to iron this year? Do you want to quickly refresh your outfit for the day? Well, you’re in luck. For all the business travelers, fashionistas, busy moms, and professionals, we’ve got the best way to iron without an iron! No more wondering how to iron a patch, how to iron trousers, or how to iron pleated skirts.

In fact, never let wrinkles and creases ruin your outfits again. Within 5 minutes, de-wrinkle, deodorize, and look your best. Simply fill the container with water, plug the device, and steam away! There is no ironing board needed. It’s that easy to use! For this reason, clothes steamers are currently taking over the market. Here are just a few ideas on how to use a clothes steamer: 

  • Easily remove creases and look professional on business trips 
  • Use as an alternative to ironing on family holidays
  • Steam delicate fabric and impossible to iron pieces
  • Quickly refresh your outfit for the day when you have no time to iron
  • Sterilise and deodorize your clothes
  • Disinfect and clean mattresses, curtains, plush toys, towels etc. 
  • Refresh upholstery

best steam iron in uk market 2020


We’ve done the research for you and have analysed all of the hand steamers on the UK market in 2020. We’ve come up with our top picks for the best steam irons out there. You are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for below.



Coming in at the number #1 spot is  Wiredlux’s SteamSmart S200 Pro handy clothes steamer.

best steam iron on the uk market wiredlux hand steamer

This  hand steamer has truly made its mark on the UK market, boasting its high quality, durable materials and nice design. It is the best value you can get on the market, with a mid-level price point and quality which competes with its more expensive counterparts. Its compact size and light weight mean it is handy around the house, and easy to carry along on business trips.

It is definitely not short on power, with an impressive 900W in such a small device! This power is more than enough to get rid of creases in seconds and sterilise items. Living a busy lifestyle? No worries! This steamer heats up in less than 25 seconds, which is much faster than its competitors. It is also 100% leak free, so it can be used on the most fragile fabrics. 

This steam iron comes with very useful free accessories, including: a foldable hanger, a carry bag, and a brush for better steaming results. Its excellent reviews on Amazon claiming it is the  best iron will surely further convince you of what we see in  this product.

It is available in Jet Black & White Ceramic colours. Pick yours  here.

£34.99 | Amazon | Buy it now



Fridja’s f10 hand steamer comes at a close second on our list for 2020.
fridja best steam iron uk market 2020 updated

This is easily the most expensive steamer on the market. It carries an impressive 1500 Watt power, and is made with high quality material. As the Evening Standard’s top pick, it does not deceive. Its small size makes it easy to handle, and carry with you on any trip. In just 45 seconds, you will be ready to remove all creases from clothes made of many types of fabric.

The cord is almost 2 metres long, allowing you to steam comfortably whether you are at home or in a hotel room. It comes with additional accessories, including: a collar press, a folding hanger, and a fabric guard. If you are looking for the high end of the market, with guaranteed quality, this would be the  right choice for you. It is available in pink, white and black colours. Pick yours here.

£99.99 | Amazon | Buy it now



Making it to our top 3 is  Homeasy’s handheld steamer

homeasy steam iron uk

Homeasy’s handy steamer is currently dominating the lower-end of the market. With a lower price point, they are still able to provide a garment steamer which fulfills its duties. Although its design has a simpler look, and it is larger in size than the previous steam irons on our list, it does a good job at removing creases from a large variety of clothing. 

Within 45 seconds, you can be ready to refresh your garments. Its 1.9 metre long cable will make it easier for you to deodorise and sterilise upholstery and other items around the house. With over 700 reviews on Amazon, this garment iron has truly made the rounds in the steaming community. If you are okay with sacrificing some quality for a better price, this one would be the  right choice for you! It is available in green and pink colours. Pick yours here.

£29.99 | Amazon | Buy it now



Next on the best steam iron list of 2020 is Beautural’s  handy clothes steamer.

beautural garment steamer uk 2020

On the lower end of the price range, we have another  good hand steamer which does the job. Beautural’s steam press iron is a good device to get rid of stubborn wrinkles in clothes, in hard to reach spots. In just 35 seconds, the steam iron is ready to refresh your clothing. Its transparent detachable 260ml/8.79oz water tank is a good size for easier filling and allows for 15 minutes of uninterrupted steaming. It is available in turquoise and blue colours.

This model is very comparable to Homeasy’s handheld steam cleaner, which we talked about above. Both have similar power and size features. Listed at the same price, if you are looking for a cheaper option, both are safe bets. The final choice depends on your personal taste in design!

£29.99 | Amazon | Buy it now



Closing off our list of the top 5 best steam irons of 2020 is  Philips’ Steam&Go Plus.

philips garment steamer portable uk

Philips’ garment steamer has by far the largest cord of all the options we have talked about. It is 2.5 metres in length. This will make it easier for you to access many areas around the house that could need steaming, such as upholstery, curtains, or fitted sheets. This being said, this steam iron is larger in size compared with its competitors. Although it is small enough to be carried along on business trips and holidays, it will take up more room and weight.

If you are primarily looking for a clothes steamer to use at home, then we would encourage you to consider  this one. It comes with a brush, a storage bag and a glove to keep your hand safe if it ever gets too hot. It can be used on all types of fabric, and has a nice premium looking design.

£56.83 | Amazon | Buy it now

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